Basic info

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The Rychleby Trails are a network of mountain bike trails, which start and finish at the Base ("Základna"). There are a variety of trails which run through the rugged wilderness of the Rychleby Mountains. Enjoy the fast and flowy "Superflow" trail, the rocks and roots of technical "Wales", boulders of "Velryba", or more relaxing and family friendly "Vidnavský okruh".

All trails are passable in the rainy weather, too.

Rychlebské stezky trails start and finish in the village of Černá Voda at Information Centre Rychlebské stezky. Trails are built as closed circuits to enable visitors stray-free experience.

Information Centre provides related services such as test centrum of full suspension bikes, mountain bike school, bike café, bike shop, bike maintenance and repair shop, souvenirs.

The Rules for Biking along the Rychleby Trails

Riding the Rychleby Trails is at your own risk. While we are not responsible for your health, we’d prefer you returned from your biking trips happy and in one piece. That’s why we have the following recommendations:

  • Start by double checking that your bike is in a good shape.
  • Don’t forget your helmet, gloves and water. We recommend elbow and knee protectors, too, and a spare tube in case you get a flat along the way.
  • If you’re not entirely sure what to expect from the hills, come and try out our Skills Centre first.
  • Just like climbing the mountains, no one should be riding trails alone – you won’t be able to help yourself if you get seriously injured. If you’ve come to the Trails on your own, go make some friends in the pub first (but please don’t drink and ride).
  • All our trails are one-way, except for a short section at the start of the Tajemný. The bikers coming down the trails count on that.
  • Lower your seat before cycling downhill; you’ll be much more agile on the bike.
  • Take a moment to examine sections that look hard, it’s always better to be safe than sorry and, for example, get off the bike and walk over a slippery footbridge in the rain.
  • Keep your distance so you can always react in time.
  • Please only stop in places where you can be seen easily and leave space on the trail for passing bikers.
  • Remember you’re in woodland and, despite our maintenance guys’ best efforts, you may occasionally come across a protruding dry branch or a freshly fallen tree. It is forbidden to ride along the trails in strong winds.
  • Please do not skid on the trails. They spoil the experience for other bikers and create more work for us. It helps to use both brakes simultaneously.
  • Be considerate to each other – it’s not just the trails that make for a pleasant experience.
  • Please respect forest workers and any restrictions to parts of the trails due to forest works.
  • Stay on the marked trails and fire roads; any conflicts with the owners of the woods could jeopardise the future of the Rychleby Trails.
  • Bring any rubbish back with you to help us keep the beauty of the Rychleby Mountains unspoilt.
  • Do not walk along the trails; they are built for mountain biking. If you’d like to go hiking, we’ll be happy to advise you of suitable routes at the Infocentre.
  • Motorised vehicles are not permitted on the trails under any circumstances.
  • If you’re under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, please stay at the Base (‘Základna’) so you don’t place yourself or others at risk on the trails.

Opening Hours

The opening hours of the trail centre are determined by the owner and by the needs of those who use and live in the woods. Please respect the fact that during the riding season, it’s forbidden to bike after:

  • April 18.30
  • May 19.30
  • June 20.00
  • July 20.00
  • August 19.00
  • September 17.30
  • 20th September 16.30
  • October 16.00

The Rychleby Trails are completely closed out of season: from November 1st till March 31st.

In case of an emergency call 112 or 155

You’ll find points marked with a cross and a number on the map. These indicate Rescue Points along the trails. The Rescue Service has the same map and can get to these places easily. In case of an injury, try to reach the nearest Rescue Point. If you have difficulty orienting yourself, call the Infocentre on (+420) 607 061 445.

For children and novices

The easier trails are marked in blue on map: the trail ‘Podél Černého potoka’, the ‘Trail LČR’ and the ‘Vidnavský okruh’. The first two are about 18 km in total, all three add up to about 25 km.

The ‘Lipovske Trails’ (‘Lipovské stezky’) are all suitable for children. They are shorter, around 8 km altogether, fun and can be completed more than once as the climb is short and it’s easy to see where you’re going.

All the other trails require a certain degree of confidence and experience riding through rough terrain. If you find the easier trails aren’t challenging enough, why not try some of the sections at the end of the ‘Superflow’ trail. They can be reached by wood fire roads.