Support the Maintenance & Building of the Trails!

Voluntary contributions

We can only maintain the trails with the help of friends and paying visitors. That’s why we ask all of you to support us. Any donations within your means are greatly appreciated and help us pay for the materials and the team of people who look after the trails all year round.

Contribute Now!

If you wish to make a financial contribution, please use our IBAN: CZ8201000000434736430247, and BIC / SWIFT code: KOMBCZPPXXX

Two-day payment costs 150 CZK and you will get a paper identification wristband (different color every month). Attach it to the handlebars and help us motivate other bikers.

Annual payment costs 1 000 CZK and you will get a durable identification wristband, Rychleby Trails socks and small souvenirs.

Voluntary help

If you want to put your hand to the work, you can participate in voluntary brigades. The brigade is usually held once a month and you can find dates on our website. It's a social event that brings together a great group of people and it's like an anthill – a huge amount of work is done and a great mood prevails. Usually we go for a ride and enjoy the evening at the Base.

How are our brigades going? Brigade, it is a voluntary assistance without remuneration. You will find out what is behind the formula "build a trail". During the work we will explain how to build trails. The meeting is at 9:00 at the RS Base, where you pack tools, sometimes small snacks (drink).Nice weather and good mood with you!

Dates 2022

For more information on a specific date, visit the Facebook event:

Brigade 2. 4. 2022

Brigade 7. 5. 2022

Brigade  4. 6. 2022

Brigade 2. 7. 2022

Brigade 6. 8. 2022

Brigade 3. 9. 2022

Brigade 1. 10. 2022

Brigade 29. 10. 2022

Partnership program

If you’d like to support the Rychleby Trails more substantially, please consider participating in our Partnership Program. In exchange, we can promote you or your company by placing a link or feature on our website, inside our Base (‘Základna’), and/or on boards along the trails.

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