Best MTB in the Czech Republic.
Rychleby Trails are trails for mountain bikes in the vicinity of Černá Voda.

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Map caption

Solid line – trail
Dashed line – road
Red crosses There are red crosses on the map, indicating the pick-up point for ambulances. Jesenik ambulance service has maps of Rychleby Trails in order to better locate injured riders.

Trail order and colour according to the technical difficulty:
  • Green – Ascent
  • Blue – Easy
  • Violet – Medium, flowy
  • Red – Medium, rocky
  • Black – Difficult

Before you go

  • The trails are designed for experienced riders with good bike handling skills.
  • Full-suspension all-mountain or enduro bikes with are suitable.
  • We recommend usage of wider handlebars and shorter stem. It is also adviseable to lower your seat when going downhill.
  • The trails are marked along their entire length by a green circle with our logo and by wooden signs with logo and name of trail.
  • Maps are available at the Information Centre.



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The Rychleby trails are built thanks to the kind permission of landowners

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