Best MTB in the Czech Republic.
Rychleby Trails are trails for mountain bikes in the vicinity of Černá Voda.

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IC and Test Centre GT

Rychleby Trails Information Centre

You can find us 800 meters from church in Černá Voda. At Information Centre you can get up-to-date information regarding trail conditions and other information about the trails and the surroundings.

GPS coordinates

50°18'6.232"N, 17°9'29.643"E

Opening hours

Opening hours during summer holidays (VII–VIII)
Mon—Sun 9.00—18.00

Opening hours during low season (IV–VI, IX–X)
Thu—Sun 9.00—18.00

For other times call us at: +420 607 061 445.

Credit Cards Accepted.


Test Centre GT

Test centre is closed for season 2018, we will have plenty of bikes available for you in 2019 again.

You can rent a full-suspension bike from our GT Test Centre which is also located at the Information Centre.


Year Type (27.5")
Size Full day rate
  2011 Tandem NO QUESTION   390 Kč 4.000 Kč  
    chrániče ION S–XL 80 Kč    


* Bike is equipped with telescopic seatpost w/ remote control and fork & shock w/ lockout.
° Bike is NOT equipped with telescopic seatpost.


  1. Full day (9.00–17.30) rate is the only possible rate. If you rent the bike for more than one day, the bike has to be back every evening at 17.30. If you want to keep it overnight please contact us for individual conditions.
  2. You can book bike in advance. We can help you with selection of bike and provide you with more information (but usually not about availability of bike) on phone +420 607 061 445 during opening hours of Info Centre. Booking itself has to be usually done by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In case you do not recieve confirmation the next day, please check your spam.
  3. When booking by mail write us these informations: Your phone number, date, bike No., type and size of bike.
  4. The deposit can be paid cash or with a credit card as an authorization hold. The deposit can be paid in different currency (EUR, PLN, ...). We can not accept mobile phones, bikes, car keys, etc. as the deposit. Please be prepared otherwise we can not rent you a bike. Please mind that it may take bank up to three weeks to release authorization hold.
  5. Please bring two of Your documents (ID, passport, driving licence, etc.). Each client can rent just one bike.
  6. One can choose between platform pedals and spd.

Olomouc region important contribution to the operation of the Tourist Information Centreand Rychleby Trails.

Obj. číslo
Rok výroby Typ (vše 27.5")
Velikost Cena celý den Vratná kauce Zdvih
1 2016 Sanction Expert* M   .000 Kč 160/160 mm
2016 Sanction Expert* L   .000 Kč 160/160 mm
2016 Force X Sport S   .000 Kč 160/150 mm
2016 Force X Sport M   .000 Kč 160/150 mm
2016 Force X Sport M   .000 Kč 160/150 mm
6 2016 Force X Sport M   .000 Kč  160/150 mm
7 2016 Force X Sport M   .000 Kč 160/150 mm
8 2016 Force X Sport L   .000 Kč 160/150 mm
9 2016 Force X Sport L   .000 Kč 160/150 mm
10 2016  Force X Sport L   .000 Kč 160/150 mm
2016 Sensor Expert S   .000 Kč 140/130 mm
12 2016 Sensor Expert M   .000 Kč 140/130 mm
2016 Sensor Expert M   .000 Kč 140/130 mm
14 2016 Sensor Expert L   .000 Kč 140/130 mm
15 2016 Sensor Expert L   .000 Kč 140/130 mm
2016 Helion Elite S   .000 Kč 120/110 mm
2016 Helion Elite M   .000 Kč 120/110 mm
2016 Helion Elite L   .000 Kč 120/110 mm
19 2016 Helion Elite XL   .000 Kč 120/110 mm
2015 Helion Expert S   .000 Kč 110 mm
Helion Comp M   .000 Kč 110 mm
Helion Expert XL   .000 Kč 110 mm
X6 2015 Avalanche Expert HT S   .000 Kč 100/0 mm
X8 2015 Avalanche Expert HT L   .000 Kč 100/0 mm
  2011 Tandem NO QUESTION   400 Kč 4.000 Kč  



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Test Centre

Test of GT bikes

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The Rychleby trails are built thanks to the kind permission of landowners

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