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Rychleby Trails are trails for mountain bikes in the vicinity of Černá Voda.

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Basic informations

about Rychleby Trails

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Test centre

Test of GT bikes

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Rychleby trails

History of trails

Rychleby Trails is a non-profit organization which created a network of trails around the village of Černá Voda (Black Water) near the well known spa-town of Jesenik in Northern Moravia.

The network of trails was developed to provide riders with a great mountain biking experience. After being almost completely lost to the wilderness by neglect over the course of time, we rejuvenated, reconstructed and adapted old, stone paved hunting paths built over a century ago into a great set of mountain biking trails.


You can also visit "Zahrádka" Bike park near Velká Kraš village. It is marked on our map. You can get there along the Černý potok Trail and back along the green tourist.

Basic informations

Rychlebské stezky is network of trails which are specifically designed for enjoyable ride on mountain bike in close touch with nature. One can find here both old rocky paths as well as modern flowy trails. All trails are passable in the rainy weather, too. Rychlebské stezky trails start and finish in the village of Černá Voda at Information Centre Rychlebské stezky. Trails are built as closed circuits to enable visitors stray-free experience. Information Centre provides related services such as test centrum of full suspension bikes, mountain bike school, bike café, bike shop, bike maintenance and repair shop, souvenirs.


Before you go

  • The trails are designed for experienced riders with good bike handling skills.
  • Full-suspension bikes with 120 mm × 120 mm travel and with at least 2.3" tires are suitable.
  • We recommend usage of wider handlebars and shorter stem. It is also adviseable to lower your seat when going downhill.
  • The trails are marked along their entire length by a green circle with or without our logo and by wooden signs with logo and name of trail.
  • Maps are available at either the Tourist Information Centre.

Where are we located?

Rychleby Trails begin and finish in the village of Černá Voda (Black Water). Arriving from from the interior of the Czech Republic, turn at Lipová lázně towards Javorník. Pass through Vápenná and in Žulová turn right over the railway crossing. After 5.4 km (3.3miles) you arrive into Černá Voda. You can also take the train from Jesenik to Žulová.

The trails start and finish in Černá Voda at Information Centre Rychlebské stezky (GPS:50°18'6.232"N, 17°9'29.643"E).

mapa cr


Pod Sokolím Vrch (Below Falcon Peak) is designated  for more technically skilled riders.

Location - Falcon Peak massif over Černá Voda (Black Water)
Start and finish – parking lot at the village community centre (kulturní dům – cultural house) in Černá Voda.

Recommended - full suspension mountain bike with big-hit tires (2.2)
Distance - the downhill section branches off into two trails for either a 16km or 21km circuit

Elevation gain - 470 m.


Podél Černého potoka (Along Black Brook) Trail. As the name suggests, the trail runs along the Black Brook. An easy trail, there are numerous beautiful locations and scenic lookouts for every-day off-road riders.

Distance – 7 km singletrack
Elevation – 80 m on the return trip
Difficulty – easy trail suitable for beginners
Location – Žulová Hills, from Černá Voda to Velká Kraš

There are red crosses on the map, indicating the pick-up points for ambulance. Jesenik ambulance service has maps of RS trails in order to better locate injured riders.



Visiting hours of Rychleby Trails

During the season please observe the following opening hours after which the trails are closed:

  • APRIL to 18.30 pm
  • MAY to 19.30 pm
  • JUNE to 20.00 pm
  • JULY to 20.00 pm
  • AUGUST to 19.00 pm
  • SEPTEMBER to 17.30 pm, from September 20th to 16.30 pm
  • OCTOBER to 16.00 pm
    During October the highest trail, Wales, is closed.

Trails are usualy closed from November 1st to March 31st, exact date depends on season and is accessible on Home page.


Please, give us your impressions of the trails, whether good or bad. We need your comments in order to create the trails that you want.

GPS coordinates

Rychleby Trails Information Centre

Černá Voda čp. 193, 790 54

GPS coordinates

50°18'6.232"N, 17°9'29.643"E



December 2011

kmlKML - lines in the format Google Earth35.42 KB

gdbGDB - lines in the format Garmin MapSource21.57 KB 

csvCSV - lines in the text formátu45.43 KB

zipZIP archive of all above three formats36.03 KB

If you need maps to transfer to a different format, you can use free software

May 2010

rarDownload the coordinates in the format *.gdb9.33 KB

Gpx file with tracks trimmed to form a holistic picture of complex.

rarDownload the coordinates in the format *.gdb27.97 KB

Test Centre GT

On-line reservation here.

  1. Full day rate: 9.00–17.00 or 10.00–18.00 is the only possible rate. If you rent the bike for more than one day, the bike has to be back every evening at 17.00 resp. 18.00. If you want to keep it overnight please contact us for individual conditions.
  2. The deposit can be paid cash or with a credit card as an authorization hold by card (not by mobile application). The deposit for full suspension bike is 8.000 Kč, for hardtail 4.000 Kč. The deposit can be paid in different currency (EUR, PLN, ...). We can not accept mobile phones, bikes, car keys, etc. as the deposit. Please be prepared otherwise we can not rent you a bike. Please mind that it may take up to three weeks for the bank to release authorization hold.
  3. Please bring two of Your documents (ID, passport, driving licence, etc.). Each client can rent just one bike.
  4. One can choose between platform pedals and spd.

XC helmet 50 Kč/day
knee protectors 100 Kč/day


Olomouc Region is mportant contributor of the Tourist Information Centre and Rychleby Trails.

Obj. číslo
Rok výroby Typ (vše 27.5")
Velikost Cena celý den Vratná kauce Zdvih
1 2016 Sanction Expert* M   .000 Kč 160/160 mm
2016 Sanction Expert* L   .000 Kč 160/160 mm
2016 Force X Sport S   .000 Kč 160/150 mm
2016 Force X Sport M   .000 Kč 160/150 mm
2016 Force X Sport M   .000 Kč 160/150 mm
6 2016 Force X Sport M   .000 Kč  160/150 mm
7 2016 Force X Sport M   .000 Kč 160/150 mm
8 2016 Force X Sport L   .000 Kč 160/150 mm
9 2016 Force X Sport L   .000 Kč 160/150 mm
10 2016  Force X Sport L   .000 Kč 160/150 mm
2016 Sensor Expert S   .000 Kč 140/130 mm
12 2016 Sensor Expert M   .000 Kč 140/130 mm
2016 Sensor Expert M   .000 Kč 140/130 mm
14 2016 Sensor Expert L   .000 Kč 140/130 mm
15 2016 Sensor Expert L   .000 Kč 140/130 mm
2016 Helion Elite S   .000 Kč 120/110 mm
2016 Helion Elite M   .000 Kč 120/110 mm
2016 Helion Elite L   .000 Kč 120/110 mm
19 2016 Helion Elite XL   .000 Kč 120/110 mm
2015 Helion Expert S   .000 Kč 110 mm
Helion Comp M   .000 Kč 110 mm
Helion Expert XL   .000 Kč 110 mm
X6 2015 Avalanche Expert HT S   .000 Kč 100/0 mm
X8 2015 Avalanche Expert HT L   .000 Kč 100/0 mm
  2011 Tandem NO QUESTION   400 Kč 4.000 Kč  



Rychleby Trails
Černá Voda 193
790 54
Czech Republic

50°18'6.232"N, 17°9'29.643"E


Rychleby Trails Information Centre
& Test Centre GT

+420 607 061 445
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Information about bike availability and reservation
itself usualy can not be done by phone.


Bike school adults
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Opening hours of Rychleby Trails Information Centre

Opening hours during summer holidays (VII–VIII)
Mon—Sun (& bank holiday) 9.00—18.00

Opening hours during low season (IV–VI, IX–X)
Thu—Sun (& bank holiday) 9.00—18.00

For renting bikes on other days call us at +420 607 061 445.


Bank account:

If you wish to make a financial contribution, our IBAN is: CZ8201000000434736430247, BIC / SWIFT code: KOMBCZPPXXX



Accommodation U stezek



Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Address: Černá Voda 50, 790 54

GPS: 50°18'34.120"N, 17°9'16.650"E

Newly furnished ccommodation facilities, with full showers and WC, a courtyard with an outdoor fireplace and pergola, the building has about 20 beds and is located 100 m from two grocery stores and a pub.

We ask visitors to arrive before 21:00 and checkout by 12:00.

Price 280 CZK person/night. A one night stay is 330 CZK person/night.

Children under 6 free.

6–12 years 150 CZK person/night

over 12 years full price

Rooms for 2 to 4 people. Total capacity: about 20 people

Upstairs there are new showers, bathroom and a kitchenette. The ground floor has a kitchen with dining room.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






In addition to the trails around Černá Voda, you’ll find flooded quarries suitable for swimming, rock formations suitable for climbing or bouldering and other great trails. Just ask us at the information centre. If you’re interested in a summer job, ask about our trail maintenance work.

Kontakt: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Adresa: Černá Voda 50, 790 54

GPS: 50°18'34.120"N, 17°9'16.650"E.

penzion zadní pohled

Bike school

Rychleby trails with Gaspi (Richard Gasperotti) preparing for the spring season Simpleride bike school. Everyone will have the opportunity to improve technique on our trails under the guidance of trained instructors. We´ll inform you quite soon.

Read more: Bike school

RS and GT

GT family assigned Rychleby Trails for season 2013. Under the
wings of firm Aspire, we will continue to build our dream together.
In our "new" Starbase- Rychleby trails you will find GT bikes ready for your flight after Superflow trail.




Like Atherton family (who grew up in Wales in the places we love), like Hans Rey, (who stands behind the idea Flow Country trails)…we'll part of GT family!!

Bike café

Opening hours

× Opening hours during low season (IV–VI, IX–X)

March, April, October
Thu  12.00—18.00 (closed if bad weather)
Fri  9.00—24.00
Sat  9.00—24.00
Sun  9.00—18.00

May, June, September
Thu  12.00—20.00
Fri, Sat  8.00—24.00
Sun  8.00—18.00


× Opening hours during summer holidays (VII–VIII)

Mon  11.00—18.00
Tue—Sun  8.00—22.00


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Best of 2013
Best of 2013
Best of 2013




Bike škola Tomáš Marčík
Bike škola Tomáš Marčík
Bike škola Tomá...
z mechu a kapradí II.
z mechu a kapradí II.
z mechu a kapra...



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The Rychleby trails are built thanks to the kind permission of landowners

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